Alma Matters: The IIT Dream Trailer Review: Netflix’s upcoming docudrama tells you not all that glitters is gold

Alma Matters The IIT Dream Trailer

There’s hardly a show that Netflix picks up, which targets the system. However, seems like, the OTT giant is all set to bend and break some rules.

I just saw a trailer of an upcoming show, Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream. The trailer hardly paints a rosy picture about IIT but shows you the real deal. You see the trailer and you realize that all of us who make jokes about that Sharma Ji ka Ladka have never once asked them if it’s easy.

Alma Matters The IIT Dream Trailer

Rather than showing you a version of King Midas in every IITian, Alma Matters tells you that All that Glitters does not necessarily need to be Gold.

The trailer is not your regular trailer with fancy actors, but clips are taken out from the live version of events. And even then, you’ll somehow be drawn towards it and will want to know what exactly is life like in an IIT.

You’ll find a Kota Factory and some Chhichhore vibe mixed with several hints of reality in it. I’m glad Netflix finally moved away from the glittery Big Day Vibe to a real illuminated Diwali night in the educational paradise of India.

“Koi Bhi System Perfect Nahi Hota, Use Banana Padta Hai.” This dialogue from Rang De Basanti applies to a lot of places, little did I know, that it did hold significance to THE most premier institute of the country, IIT.

I’ve had an IITian as a role model since 1999, the year my brother cracked one of the toughest exams that existed. While I didn’t go that way (I’m not the smart one in the family), I never understood that surviving an IIT exam was easier than actually spending four years in what I thought was heaven on earth.