Gilmore Girls: The pair of girls who helped me get through the darkest phase of my life

Gilmore Girls

It was 2016, and while life didn’t seem that bad, I realized that I was sinking into a black hole, and didn’t look like I would be able to come back. Sleepless nights, overthinking, anxiety, and panic attacks, all because something overturned in my personal life.

The loss was taken a little too personally, and I didn’t know what could fix it. One day while googling about the TV series that would bring a smile across your face, I found Gilmore Girls. I thought to myself, what could it really do, however, let’s try it out.

Gilmore Girls

And I started, well, I can write a book about my favourite girls in the whole world, my gorgeous Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory. I started with watching an episode a day, but it went to being a season a week, it was that beautiful, believe me.

What’s special about them, you’d ask? My answer will always be, what isn’t? The series that started in 2000 has 7 seasons with 21-22 episodes each, a total of 157 episodes, with Lorelai, the mom being 32 years old and Rory the daughter 16 initially (Yup, that young). The best part, each episode is 40-45 minutes long, which means, more time with the girls and their beautiful town Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls

Words aren’t enough to tell you how amazing the mother-daughter duo is, they will immediately make you fall in love with them and you’ll wish that you had a similar relationship with your mom/daughter as well.

They fight, they laugh, they cry with each other, and give all the advice to one another. Sometimes you’ll forget who is the mother, and who is the daughter.

No matter what age you are at, the Gilmore Girls will make you smile. Their beautiful town of Stars Hollow, with Luke and his coffee, that Lorelai needed in an IV. Their love for coffee and junk, and movies and books, and everything sarcastic will make you want to be the third wheel in their lives.

Gilmore Girls

If you’re a girl, each of Rory’s boyfriends will take your heart away, whether it’s Dean, Jess or Logan, you’ll want to be Rory several times into the seasons. You’ll want to be at Luke’s enjoying a cheeseburger with a cup of coffee, you’ll want to sit at the Gazebo, sharing a basket with your bidder, you’ll want to order Indian food from Al’s Pancakes world. (yup, no pancakes there). You’ll want to be at Miss Patty’s dance studio, you’ll want to run the independence and the dragonfly inn, you’ll want to eat Sookie’s amazing creations.

You’ll want to be a part of Friday Night Dinners with Emily and Richard Gilmore. You’ll want to share all your secrets with Lane, and study materials with Paris, you’ll want to run the newspaper and be a part of the yale crowd.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls will not disappoint you, as it didn’t with me. After I finished the series, I was a changed person, happier, chirpier, and stress-free. Believe me, when I say, Gilmore girls is a religion, a lifestyle.

Star cast: Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Scott Patterson as Luke Danes, Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore, Edward Herrmann as Richard Gilmore, Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James, Keiko Agena as Lane Kim, Yanic Truesdale as Michel Gerard, Liza Weil as Paris Geller