Mismatched Review: Netflix original Mismatched lives up to its name, disappoints in all respects


Indian web series these days have become a household name and with almost a year of sitting at home, watching web series on OTT platforms has become the going to watch the movies bit.

There have been various plot points being used in the OTT world in India and while some of them have been massive hits, the others have been a bad move, and audiences have easily rejected the plotline.

If you’ve watched series, the way I do, you’ll relate to the feeling of not being able to accept a faulty storyline or overacting by the cast. Anyway, when I saw the trailer of Mismatched, I wasn’t fully sure about it but I still decided to give it a go.

And so began on Netflix, my 6 episode journey in the lives of Dimple and Rishi. I’d hate to disappoint to but there is something in the series that irked me from the beginning.

Giving you a gist of the series without spoilers, the story is of Rishi (Rohit Saraf) and Dimple (Prajakta Kohli), who’s been set up for an arranged marriage by the parents. Both of them go for a design course in Jaipur, where they come across several other characters. The series involves several other characters, mostly young adults along with the prominent role of a professor played by Ranvijay Sangha.

Mismatched Ranvijay

The entire concept of an 18-year-old willing to join a design course just for the sake of meeting his arranged date didn’t work well with me. I mean, come on, the guy’s just 18. Well, that’s where my problem with the series began.

Secondly, all these characters can do is make mistakes. While I understand the age of the late teens and early 20s of screw-ups, what is even the point of showing them a bundle of idiots who only can make mistakes.

The series has tried to take influences from Sex Education as well as Never Have I Ever, but it will be difficult to find the sincerity of the two shows which have gained immense popularity. My problem also lies with the plotline which is so haywire that you’ll want the storyline to make sense at times.

I’m not saying that the intent isn’t there, there’s definitely a want to tell a story in the most beautiful manner, but the execution has let it down. In fact, the way the story tracks and the characters deviate is enough to make you lose interest in the show.

Mismatched cast

Rohit Saraf does look good and tries hard, but the execution of it overpowers his otherwise decent performance. Prajakta Kohli is cute enough, but then again, something does not feel right about the series as a whole. Ranvijay could have been better and could have used his role in a much better fashion, but alas, he sort of falls flat.

One character that I was really looking forward to was Tairuk Raina since I’ve seen him shine through in a play adaptation of the Aladin. He was marvelous in there, in Mismatched, he may not have been the best of the best, but he was definitely in the top three performers of the series.

All in all, Mismatched lives up to its name, as the storyline, the character placement, and the execution do not match as much as you’d like them to. As for the ratings, a 2 out of 5 from my end.