Money Heist: Arturo, Gandia, Sierra, the antagonists that you love to hate

Money Heist

I’ve been one person who hasn’t been the pro protagonist wing woman. I mean, there have been many antagonists who you end up falling in love with. Personally, I ended up loving Loki in Avengers, because his villainous streak was situational.

However, there are some like Thanos, that make sure to be hated. When I was watching Money Heist, I did come across several such characters who I despite even trying really hard couldn’t love. And how could I?

Arturo Money Heist

I’ll begin with the famous Arturo, yes, the very Arturo who got Monica, now Stockholm pregnant. I hated him since the very instant he laid a hand at Monica, and it continued through the 4 seasons of the Heist. And while I did think I could forgive him, but when I saw him in the fourth part, where he literally rapes a fellow hostage while ensuring he would calm her down. He didn’t stop there, he ensured that there was a rift between Denver and Stockholm, because well, he didn’t get the girl nor the child, how could anyone else have them.

Gandia Money Heist

Gandia, the infamous yet famous Gandia. When you see his face, there’s everything that you’d like to change. While I initially appreciated him for his bravery and loyalty, the way he treated Tokyo after keeping her captive made me want to do something about it. And well, my dislike for him turned into sheer hatred when he shot Nairobi right after releasing her. Not only did it make me cry but also made me want to use the same gun and shoot his brains out.

Sierra Money Heist

Oh Sierra! You’ll definitely need to heave a sigh of no relief when you talk about Sierra. Who does that? The way she treated Rio in a godforsaken corner of the world was enough to tell us how villainous she was. But she had to surpass her own records, and there she was all available to torture Lisbon. Her colleague. I had that one ounce of sympathy for her when she talked about her husband’s death but all of it went away because of the events that unfolded her.

All three of these villains deserve loud applause because of the aura they created around their characters. It’s easy to make you fall in love with a character, however, it’s hard to hate someone with all your might. I hope we get to see more such characters in the coming season because what’s a heist without Sierra doing her thing, Arturo creating a nuisance and Gandia wearing a mask of loyalty which even encompasses the basic humanity he should have had.