Sheldon Cooper, the string theory guy who immediately stole a permanent spot in my heart

Sheldon Cooper

When I was about five years old and someone would ask me who I wanted to become when I grew up, I would immediately jump up and say an Astronaut (yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh, I had no idea the amount of Physics you would need to study to even get closer to that dream). As I grew up and the law of thermodynamics started to bounce right off my head, my dreams turned into something simpler and less complicated (could have thought of becoming a politician, next life maybe!)

Anyhow, when I first heard about The Big Bang Theory, I was like nah, not going down the science road again. That atom symbol as their logo wasn’t helping either. However, a friend of mine forced me into watching it, assuring that he would treat me every day if I hated it (How would I ever say no to that).

So it began, the pilot episode and I immediately developed a hatred towards Sheldon Cooper, yup, that annoying, nerdy, I’m always the right guy. I simply cringed when he said that’s my spot to anyone who sat at that particular corner of the couch. I wanted to shout at him when he insulted Howard’s engineering degree or did not appreciate the greatness of Leonard’s friendship.

Sheldon Cooper

However, as episodes went by, I sort of started to understand him and gave him a break-even when he acted annoyingly. Each time I would watch Sheldon throw a tantrum, I would feel for him, because it wasn’t his fault. The makers very subtly have tried to explain the obsessive-compulsive personality disorder that he had.

He was extremely irritating and frustrating despite being a genius. He was not compassionate at all, he was extremely childish (his love for trains was off the charts). However, the level of intelligence he had, it was quite easy to understand the fact, that he was brilliant at levels where it wasn’t possible for us to comprehend. Thus, the things he did, could be forgiven.

Sheldon despite being probably the most brilliant man you’d ever come across was innocent to levels which even kids today aren’t. How could you not love that guy?

I mean yes, Sheldon was annoying but you would agree with me when I tell you that he understood people didn’t think like him and he tried hard enough to adjust as well. Sheldon was brutally honest and had no filters, he just said what he felt like and did not hesitate ever. How many of us are capable of being so on the face with others, while all of us continue to have masked personalities, Sheldon was who he was, no pretense whatsoever.\

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon makes you realize that the mental issues are real. It makes you think hard and even helps you empathize with the fact, that some people are slightly twisted or extremely organized and it is alright. Not everyone is supposed to be normal all the time.

Also, Sheldon was brilliant, and 95 percent of people are way below him, and that’s a fact. He did not want to act a certain way but his OCD made him act the way he did. But you know what the best part was, he was honest and isn’t honesty much better than pretending to be who you are not.

Last but not the least, Sheldon did understand, that Nobel prize-winning speech of his makes you realize that he cares, and is very very emotional. It makes you understand that through the years, our Sheldon grew up.

He loved all of them in his own way, he could not imagine life without his wife Amy, he loved Penny like the sister he would like to have. He did love Raj, Howard, and Bernadette as well. And, mind you, there was a reason why everyone did stay despite his behaviour.

Sheldon Cooper

He started with “I have a very long and somewhat self-centered speech here, but I’d like to set it aside. Because this honor doesn’t just belong to me; I wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for some very important people in my life,” thanking not only his family but his other family as well.

He clearly says that he was under the misapprehension that his accomplishments were just his but it is not. It belongs to not just his wife but the greatest group of friends he ever had encouraged, sustained, inspired, and tolerated him.

I had tears of joy in my eyes when he said “I apologize if I haven’t been the friend that you deserve. But I want you to know, in my way, I love you all.”