Sima Taparia: The woman from Indian Matchmaking we all love to hate but cannot get enough of her

Sima Taparia Indian Matchmaking c

Hi, I’m Sima from Mumbai, this lady alone has taken the meme world by storm and all you can find is sarcastic posts about her on social media forums. Well, if you ask me who is Sima Taparia? I’ll say that you’ve been living under a rock.

Sima Taparia is none other than the famous matchmaker of the not so loved show by Netflix called Indian Matchmaking. If you ask me what is the show exactly about? Well, it is basically an offline version of or any other such portal, instead, you have a portal called Sima Mami (yup, she likes to call herself that).


I have seen the entire series by her and you’ll find my review here on the same but let us talk about just Sima Aunty here. She reminds you of one of the Sooraj Barjatya movies and her favourite words are a compromise, adjust, and be flexible. While you and I both understand that marriage literally works on these three words and let us be real for a while and accept that no marriage is a bed of roses, there are several thorns that you’ve got to pick and throw away.

However, the way she chooses to use these words and propagate is where my problem lies. If she is unable to find a bride/groom for you, she will immediately mark you as someone who is very ambitious or someone who does not want to compromise.

Sima Taparia Indian Matchmaking

She quickly lands on the judgment where she tells the viewers ki compromise to karna hi padega. Sima Aunty reduces a woman’s dreams and desires to a mere family transaction. If you’re a woman and are expecting a little more from the marriage, she begins to criticize the demands of the woman. You know, I’ll agree to the fact that you cannot expect the world out of a marriage but a girl can dream, however, if you are Sima Aunty’s customer, she will ensure to crush all your dreams at once.

Sima Taparia Indian Matchmaking

If nothing works in her favours, her other favourite dialogue in Indian Matchmaking is, “Ultimately, my efforts are meaningless if the stars do not align.”

Sima Taparia easily gets on any millennial’s nerves, however, she is that one woman who we love to hate. She may have garnered a lot of hate, but her popularity remains off the charts. And that is what Sima Taparia has banked on.