Viewers love to hate Indian Matchmaking, how Netflix turned bad publicity to more views

Indian Matchmaking Netflix

The moment you hear about Sima Taparia, all you can remember is the memes, the hatred, and the annoyance towards the Indian Matchmaking star. She failed to match any of the candidates and also failed to woo the audiences with the show.

However, one thing that she’s managed to do is make viewers love to hate her. I’ve seen it in the past few days, whoever you call, has something to say about the villainous matchmaker. I’ve seen memes all around, I’ve seen people talk about the show and I’ve seen even trends on Twitter.

Indian Matchmaking Netflix

While the show may not be a great one, but one thing that Netflix has definitely managed to do is make you watch the show. There’s so much noise around about Indian Matchmaking that somehow or the other, you end up watching the show.

So much so that Netflix forces you to watch it. And this is probably the reason that even ten days later, the show still continues to be in the top 5 in India for Netflix.

Indian Matchmaking

And whoever said that negative publicity sometimes is good publicity has been right, at least in this case. Despite of the show being hated so much, almost everyone you know has seen the show at least once.

All of us have secretly tried to look for Akshay, Nadiya, Aparana, Vyasar, Pradhyuman, and all the others on Instagram or any other social media forum.

Indian Matchmaking Netflix

Netflix has hit it right where it wanted, and even when a season 2 comes for the show, the audience will watch it the day it airs, despite the fact that they claim to hate the show.

Star cast: Aparna Shewakramani, Pradhyuman Marloo, Nadia Jagessar, Vyasar Ganesan, Ankita Bansal